Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Painting a Picture

Let me paint a picture....The Jonas Brothers, a glass of red, a party on the local beach, a pesto cream chicken sauce, a sick child in bed......checking my emails, updating my cruisingindonesia.blogspot, then noticing I havnt updated this one, apart for photos, for a month.!
Thats terrible!
We have enjoyed Christmas, New Year, Namaras 11th birthday, my 38th!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Sophies, and Di's birthday, sleepovers, nits, illness, building new companies, assimilating into expat and local life!!!!! School has begun again with a full on exciting curriculum, unfortunately had 3 parcels go missing to us in the mail, and one out go missing, so very discouraging!!!!
Miss our books, although kids have enough for now, I admit to being a book hog!!!
We are off to Scotland for Marks little brothers wedding in May....so excited, and will catch up with my bro too!!!!!!
Basically have been great, although very busy trying to set up a business here and still feeling like we are chasing our tails!! I know it will all work out. Meeting some great local people, and still have good friends, Sunburn here with us, so kids are definately filling in their social calenders.
I promise I will up date on more of a regular basis. Dont forget to check the photos, as I tend to update these often......Love Rach

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