Thursday, September 24, 2009

Return to Rebak............23-09-2009

I am becomming terrible at up dating this site, however, I realise how important it is, not just for those who read it, but also for me to keep myself updated on this crazy life we lead. We are now back on Rebak Island, where the kids are happily playing, and back into school routine!!! Starting to freak out about high schooling long distance, as looks like our busines here is going to go well, and we might be Langkawi based for a few years. Arran has made some friends off a Sth African boat, so the gang is now a gang of 4, and they have been spending their time making stunt movies........oh dear, and will post them on UTube. Will let you know the link when they are finished. Namara is enjoying having Angie and Gina here, although, not being intentionally gender bias, their play is alot quieter than the boys. We are all (including Arran) enjoying the Twilight series books at the moment, so they are occuping a bit of time.

Marks business is keeping him NEARLY out of trouble, and we are all FUll of ideas and plans for the Now....mine include continuing on these childrens books I have been writting....and trying to organise my time so I actually have some...time that is!

Have also been entering in as many photography comp as poss to push myself a bit, and have.....dont laugh...joined the local ART Group!!!!!!Ha HA.....prehaps I will learn an extension to my stick figures!!!

We spent the last 3 months cruising in Indonesia...Aceh, and North Sumatra, going this year only as far south as Tellos.....these are invigerating places and we came back exhausted with all the ideas of things we want to being building a surf camp and the other a Palong styled boat design for spacious life on the sea.Now that the kids are getting older, we are noticing the shrinking space, and we have decided to tentitively put GALYVA on the market, ....just to see if she sells for our price, and then move onth the next plans...of which we are still unsure of what that may be. Confused? So am I!!!!

Sorry that I have been so slack with updates, I promise to report more often.