Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OOOOHHHHHHH my...Ive been very slack!

When you sit in one spot for so long, you really feel like theres not much to tell. Hence my lazy writting into the blog. Truth be known I have been super busy setting up a business in Langkawi, trying my hand at designing a web page....with super slow internet...setting up my own CAITbusinesshttp://cruisingindonesia.blogspot.com ...writting magazine articles...teaching the kids..................trying to get fit for John and Nicoles wedding..........and Ive also become a bit addicted to FACE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!Its awesome...I have caught up with a very cool long lost buddy who was stolen from us and whisked away at the tender age of 12.also my high school best friend, all ther cuzzies and even my Mum!We are now on anchor in Langkawi, Marks business is called Seaspray Marine Services, and he builds, repairs and fits out all types of Marine craft. Langkawi is a pretty cool place. We are still on anchor in Telaga but the seasons are changing swiftly and we may need to pull ino a marina soon. We are off to Scotland in 6 weeks for Marks little bros wedding and then back here. Planning another trip to Aceh also. have been having articles published all around the world...so pretty happy with that.Anyhow...will try to be more frequent.......and up date some pics.All is fantastic