Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pre Xmas madness

I guess in a predominantly Muslim country, preXmas madness doesnt necessarily mean the same thing as in a "christian" country. Here, I think it would be madness anyway.....with settling back into work....and ROUTINE!!!!, buying things for the boat, and catching up with friends. Pre Xmas or not, I think it would be just as crazy.
Its great to be back in Langkawi, the kids have enjoyed the marina, and cathing up with friends, and making new ones!We are looking into setting up a business here, so could possibly be based here for a couple of years. Currently, that depends on how easy it is to get the work permits, so we will see.
For Xmas we will spend it with friends, either in Langkawi or Thailand. No Xmas hams for us....however, it is possible to buy turkey and duck, so there will be no shortage of Xmas the island is also duty free.
I find that when "routine" hits me like a freight train, I dont get very much time to write, I still dearly want to tell you about Aceh. My photography slows down too.
However, I have sold several articles to magazines, Cruising Helmsman, Cruising World, Yachting World and Boating NZ, which is exciting, and will be keeping that up too. I will post the articles on the web site once they are printed.
Namara and Arran and Mark are all well, just nesting and settling into the cloud of dust disturbed after 4 months cruising.
We hope you are all BAGUS (good), and our thoughts are with you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Indonesian adventures were vast and many, and over the next week I will endeavor to catch u

P all of our most current tales and advise.Currently we are enjoying a 5 star Resort in Langkawi, where we have joined with 8 other children to do school, which has been great fun..Will let you know as I can how we are going. HoPe you are all well, and HaPPy!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's hard to believe that so much can happen in 12 months.
Up to date we have traveled over 8 thousand miles as a family .
Despite the clutter and occasional chaos that reigns on board GLAYVA, I believe our sanity levels are still reasonably balanced!!!!!!
Our 42ft Sayer designed sloop has guided us through 50knot winds, Malacca Straits, Aceh and Northern Sumatra, 6 mtr waves, and various sundowner parties.
The cruising life swings steeply from crazily social to periods of total alienation and ambience.
Namara, now 10, and Arran, now 9, continue to homeschool using the best curriculum, self named, "The Bare Foot Boat School." They both eat books and baked beans in nearly equal quantities, and are currently lapping up the social life in a marina in Rebak Island,Langkawi.