Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dr Who............????

Luckily we have been able to borrow the second series of DR WHo from our good friends off Blue Sky!!! The music is the same, the exterior of the Tardis still the same, the Darlics still the same....however, I never quiet remembered romance as part of Dr Who? Or prehaps, that is just because I was not of a romantic age when I used to watch it....
Tomorrow we leave Langkawi for a visa run to Ko Lipe, approx 25km from here, and part of Thailand. Our Malay visas last for 90 days from entry. The boat needs no Cruising Permit. We are taking Finn and Sophie and Di from Sunburn, so it will be exciting to have some extra crew on board. Sophie is now 12 and Finn 9 so perfectly compatable with the kids. Origional members of The Bare Foot Boat School.
Mark has been very busy, setting up a shed to work in and looking to buy a business and subscribe for a work visa here. His shed is great, a small double garage size shed on the main road from Telaga to Matsarat. It is right opposite a hardware store, has a Chinese Lady selling beer from her back door, and a local business SAILORS SAUSAGES next door....his favourite sausages. He has a Malay flag hanging.....Ive planted some seedlings and there is a Small Chinese Prayer Stand at the door. It is Chinese New Year this weekend, and he was given gifts of mandarines in red plastic bags and a couple of beers from the Chinese owners old dad. Despite the high percentage of Muslims here in Langkawi, Mark has somehow landed a shed in a Beer tolerant district!!! Funny that!
Kids are back at school, and we are using alot of Sonlight books. They have an awesome range of books, however, with the exchange rate and postage...a luxury at the moment.However, thats not to say Im not looking at Amazon UK and EBay UK for books to pick up when we go to Scotland in May for John and Nicoles wedding....,.I wonder how much they charge for extra baggage!
My Internet is very slow on anchor here in Telaga, and I have been trying to add photos, but to no avail.
My CAIT business is going well, and I am doing private swimming lessons up until we return from Aceh,,,then I wish to set up a swim school here in Langkawi. I have tried my hand at business, with Super Yacht Promotions being an attempt, and this has taught me alot about myself, and I have met some great people.....however...I always tend to turn towards the kids...or is it just my safety blanket!!!Sakinah is still on the back burner.
Langkawi life is great for on anchor in Telga with two manmade islands close by...the kids, after school, go to play in the tree house and hang out in the hamocks...there is a local Indian Restaurant close by, and even though it is expensive for local food around here (at $4 for a drink, rice,, curry chicken and vegetables) we frequent here often. The kids love the ROTI Canai,(pronounced CHANI), which is like a flat bread rolled, twisted, flipped, folded, patted and cooked to flakey pull apart perfection. If you come to Malaysia...and obvioulsy India, you know they are not to be missed.
So ...Off to Ko Lipe for a swim and a relax.....Mark never takes time off and it will be great to see him again!!!!!White sandy beachs, clear waters(at last) and some relaxed tourists...bikinis and bare feet.......Bring on Thailand...

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